Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: What can Ovi do? (day 12)

Ovi KabirWe’re in the evening of day 12 on Big Brother 21 and at this point, a whole lot of hope seems lost for Ovi. He’s the replacement nominee, his power is irrelevant for this week, and he is now in a spot where nobody seems inclined to keep him. That doesn’t mean that he gives up, but he is going to be facing an uphill battle to find a way to stick around in the house come later this week.

As a matter of fact, Ovi’s best move may just be to sit around and see if Kathryn shoots herself in the foot — Christie suggested that to him earlier in a somewhat-patronizing way, but there is a certain degree of truth there. Kat is highly combustible as a player in that she’s not altogether interested in being there in the first place. She may just wake up one day, decide she doesn’t want to be there anymore, and try to force her way out. She could tell the other players, if nothing else, to evict her. That’s one of Ovi’s options, but he shouldn’t rely on that.

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What he needs to figure out instead is find a way to get at least a small crack of information and sell some players on the idea of his value. Take, for example, figure out that Kat is an easy number for Jackson and keeping him is a way to go after Jackson. Or, try to use his Wacktivity power to convince other people that he is worth keeping around. Offer it to people as something that can be used to help them, even at the expense of his own game.

Ovi’s #1 problem is that he is almost too much of a go-getter for his own good in this house. He’s not going to accept the notion of going out the door and he’ll campaign probably almost every day. In doing so, however, he’ll make himself out to be a much bigger threat. We like him and want to see a fan stick around, but he’s going to need to get creative — as of right now, the whole house is ready to send him out.

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