Beecham House episode 4 preview: Is John’s secret getting out?

Beecham HouseFollowing tonight’s new episode, it feels apparent that Beecham House episode 4 is going to have a lot of room to explore a multitude of different stories.

Take, for example, whatever is going to be transpiring when it comes to John Beecham and Chandrika. There is clearly something going on beyond the information that John himself has handed down, as evidenced by the clandestine nature of their most recent meeting. Violet saw the two of them together and with that in mind, there is some tangible evidence of something a little bit larger going on. Is she really August’s mother, or is the situation more complicated than her being an aunt? Both are worthy things to speculate on at the moment.

From there, we have some other questions as to what is going to happen with John and Margaret. Because it is Violet who saw Chandrika stop by John’s home, she has ammo in the form of information that she can use in whatever way she sees fit. That includes using it in order to hurt the relationship between John and someone else close to him in Margaret. Violet’s endgame here is quite simple: She wants to be with John. More than that, she will stop at nothing in order to ensure she gets what she wants.

Through Beecham House episode 4, what we will see is a story about evolution. John will be in a position where he is forced to give out information and perhaps disclose some of his greatest secrets. He is going to be at a place where the relationships of those close to him could unravel if the wrong thing is said or done.

In the end, if you love drama and also these characters, this is the episode of Beecham House not to miss. After all, this is where the entire world of the show is blown right open and you start to learn more about the person in John, but also the business world around him. He’s working to gain favor with the Empress already, but the problem (as we saw during tonight’s episode) is that there are already some questions as to just how much she trusts him. It’s great that he has so many business connections and wealth … or is it? The nature of his gift left some suspicious.

What do you want to see when Beecham House episode 4 airs on ITV next week? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: ITV.)

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