Outlander season 5 questions: The road ahead for Fergus

Cesar DomboyWe’ve written about the road ahead for a number of different Outlander characters at CarterMatt over the past several months; yet, there’s still a larger story to be told in regards to Fergus! We haven’t had an opportunity to dive into his character and his journey in full just yet, so what better time than the present?

Entering season 5, it does feel as though Cesar Domboy could be more consistently involved in the narrative than ever before. We’ve heard already that he, Marsali, and their child will be moving towards Fraser’s Ridge, and consider that the jumping-off point to some of the questions that we have below.

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1. How will Fergus react to being at Fraser’s Ridge? – This is a different sort of place than Wilmington, one with different responsibilities and also tasks for him to take on. We’re sure that in one way, it will be a relief to be around Jamie once more. Yet, his responsibilities are different. He can’t do some of the same stuff that he did when he was younger, and he has more people around him to think about.

2. What will his relationship be with Roger and Bree? – These are characters who Fergus doesn’t have too much of a relationship with just yet. He’s a little more familiar with Brianna than Roger, but the two of them present a different perspective and point of view on the world. Seeing Roger and Fergus out on an adventure could be quite fun, seeing how different their respective backstories are.

3. How is his relationship with Marsali? – Through season 4 we had a chance to see more of an empowered side to the character as she tried to make sure that Fergus found a sense of purpose. For the sake of this season, maybe you see the tables turn. Maybe Fergus is the one who is there for her if she struggles with the transition over to a new part of North Carolina.

4. What can Fergus do for Murtagh? – He’s always been a sneaky guy, mostly stemming from all of the stuff Jamie had him do when he was younger and even some of the stuff he did back as a child in season 2. We wouldn’t be surprised if Fergus ends up becoming a key cog for relaying information through the area; he has a knack at being able to travel around quietly, and he doesn’t have the name attached to him like Jamie does.

5. What will his role be at Fraser’s Ridge? – Is he going to be a hunter, a builder, a warrior, or something else? What will his overall legacy be there? We don’t expect answers to come immediately, but they will arrive over time.

For some more news beyond Fergus’ future…

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Meanwhile, let us know in the comments what you would like to see when it comes to the future of Fergus on Outlander moving forward. (Photo: Starz.)

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