Claws season 3 episode 4 review: Did Roller end up dead?

ClawsSave Roller. This was the mission statement entering Claws season 3 episode 4 on Sunday night. This was an episode that had a lot going on, and with its title being “Boy, Bye,” we were legitimately convinced for some time that this story was going to end with us losing that character.

Instead, something a little bit different happened — Desna realizing that maybe love was more important than money, power, and some of the other things that she has been craving as of late. She decides that she is better off taking more of a back seat, and trying to find a way to spend some time with the person she cares about — and even loves. She told Roller she loved him at the end of the episode!

For most of this hour, we saw Niecy Nash’s character do what she could in order to secure the person she was so concerned over’s safety. Mac and Melba had taken him as a part of their newest plot to gain full control of the casino — they’ve shown themselves to be very effective villains, largely because they understand that emotional threats are just as good as physical threats. The kidnapping of Roller made Desna afraid to continue being a part of this larger world; meanwhile, Mac bonding with Dean served as a way to splinter him off from both his sister and also Virginia. He may not have understood how addicted Dean would get at Mahjong, but we know that Dean likes order and control. Within this game, he can have both of those things in a way that he did not ever have them elsewhere.

After Desna was able to find Roller, getting him back alive was still FAR from a guaranteed task. We genuinely felt for a few minutes that he was not going to emerge at the end of this episode okay — and he still isn’t “okay.” He’s beaten up and bruised, but at least he is still alive and breathing. That’s all that Desna can celebrate for the time being.

So what else did we see within this episode?

For starters, Jenn’s life is still a mess as some issues from her past with Bryce came back up. She also doesn’t realize that Virginia is getting close to her ex EJ, and since Virginia doesn’t know the full story, that means that she can’t really get any forewarning on the emotional ramifications of this.

Speaking of emotional ramifications, there’s a mess all across the board right now with Polly! She’s getting closer to Joe without even realizing and she can trust Joe. This could end up being a problem … it’s the sort of thing that feels almost written all over the walls on this show.

CarterMatt Verdict

There are some parts of Claws season 3 that are clearly better than others right now. For starters, we’re shocked that Quiet Ann’s story has been so … quiet, and that Uncle Daddy feels almost like a non-entity in this world at the moment. (That rehab plot really isn’t doing anything for now.) The stories we’re getting are compelling, and we give the writers the most credit for realizing it’s okay for Desna to take a step back. This doesn’t mean that she will do eventually, but it shows that the story of power players is not always one that moves in a straight line. Sometimes there are spirals, zigs, and zags all over the place.

What did you think about Claws season 3 episode 4?

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