Good Trouble season 2 episode 3 video: Mariana needs a distraction

Good TroubleCome Tuesday night’s Good Trouble season 2 episode 3, you’re going to see a party — not the sort of thing that comes as much of a surprise.

What is a little more of a surprise is what exactly happens at this said party, as you’ll see Mariana find herself in a position where her future could go up in smoke. She’s convinced that she is going to be able to use the event as a testing ground for her app, which probably isn’t the best of ideas in the first place. Why not just have a specific party to test it? Sure, we presume that this was more of an organic way in order to have the biggest testing pool imaginable … but there are clear downsides. Take your eye off the ball for a second, and something terrible can go down.

So when the app crashes, what does Mariana do? Well, she’s going to lean on some of her friends for some help. Most notably, she’s going to lead on Callie. In the sneak peek below, you can see Cierra Ramirez’s character scramble and rely on her friend to create a distraction in front of Evan. Why is Evan there at the party in the first place? That’s a mighty-fine question to think about, since it doesn’t feel like quite his scene. Maybe Mariana just told him in advance that she was going to test the app there and he wants to oversee it.

There’s just something about Evan as a character that is fascinating — he is so aloof and so out-there when it comes to his thinking. He is brilliant, but a lot of times his mind doesn’t operate in a straight line. He’s not an easy person to read and he’s going to be a focal part of this story because of it. (The scene of Evan trying to have a conversation with Callie is brilliant — they both have no real clue of what to do with themselves within this moment.)

Through this episode, we’ll get an opportunity to see if Mariana sinks or swims. This will give us a better sense of not only who she is now, but also if she can really make this app into a success this season.

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