Good Trouble season 2 episode 3 preview: What ‘Doble Quince’ means

Good TroubleWhen Good Trouble season 2 episode 3 arrives, you’re going to have a party! Who doesn’t love a party? These are characters who are used to reveling in these special moments, meeting friends and adding to their contact list. They’re also characters who could easily send a party careening off into a disaster.

Just think — we’re only two episodes into the second season, yet we’ve seen many parties go south already. This one does actually have a larger purpose than your run-of-the-mill “let’s get a drink a dance” celebration. It’s actually a proper 30th birthday party for Jazmin! Gael wants to do what he can to give her a worthy party, and it’s one that has double the stakes for him — hence the episode’s title. For more on that, check out the synopsis:

Gael and the rest of the Coterie help Jazmin plan a big celebration—a “Doble Quince”—to celebrate her 30th birthday and the Quinceañera she never had. Mariana decides to use the event to beta test her app, but things don’t go as planned.

Be prepared for Mariana to be the person most likely in the party-crasher mold here. We don’t think that she is doing something malicious by using the party as a testing ground. She probably just thinks that this would be a good opportunity to put it to the test since everyone’s in the same room, many of these people are her friends, and it’s a situation where she can probably control the calamity … if a calamity arises. Judging from the synopsis and what we know about this show, it almost certainly will. There are some major problems that can come from an app. Take, for example, the idea of it screwing with your hardware or using up a lot of data. Or, think about privacy issues. Or, maybe it just doesn’t work and it puts everyone in a super-sour mood. That will probably make Mariana in a super-sour mood and then party’s over and everyone is just bummed-out.

One of the things that Mariana may just need to work on is letting someone else have the win — would it be a difficult thing to do to get everyone together for some sort of app-test party and not over shadow this event? It’s probably better than trying to co-opt someone else’s big celebration for your own purposes.

Knowing what we know about Mariana, the easiest assumption she’s made with this app is that everything’s going to turn out A-Okay. She’s confident in her skills — as she should be! Having a tech failure doesn’t mean that you’re the worst. It just means that there are kinks you still need to work out and we have to imagine that everyone has to deal with stuff like that.

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