Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Does Kathryn want to quit? (day 12)

Kathryn DunnWelcome to day 12 of the Big Brother 21 live feeds! We’re anticipating that the Veto Ceremony is going to be taking place today, so let’s cross our fingers and hope for drama.

So what’s going to happen? For now, it feels like Sam’s going to hold true to the promise he made to Cliff in order to put him on the block and, from there, Ovi is going to be named the replacement nominee. We don’t see Christie making the big move on Jack, even if doing this would be all sorts of entertaining. It’s going to be so curious seeing how exactly players react to actually being able to openly discuss Christie as a target once her Head of Household power is gone. It’s been so tough to know how viewers really feel about her, given how insulated the power makes her.

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We do think that it will be an interesting battle between Kathryn and Ovi as to who goes. There are a lot of factors for the players to consider, including people doing what Christie wants and then also the gender balance in the house. While some of the guys may not know that Jessica has pushed for the idea of a women’s alliance, they seem like the type to be concerned about two guys going home in a row.

There’s also this: The high probability that Kathryn does something that will actually implode her game. She hasn’t shown the capacity to play well at all, and last night she did the unthinkable in the minds of many fans: Openly proclaim that she doesn’t want to be there anymore. Our feeling upon hearing this sort of thing is pretty simple — if you don’t want to be there, production should just be able to open up a trap door that takes you right out. The reason they don’t? It’s an emotional game and sometimes, that causes you to do emotional things. That’s probably more the case for someone like Kat, who entered the game having no real clue as to what exactly she was doing.

Hopefully, the Veto Ceremony will happen over the next several hours! Check out the link here, since that’s where you can get some other news all about the aftermath.

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