Outlander season 5: Do we have the ideal premiere date idea?

Outlander season 4What’s the ideal Outlander season 5 premiere date on Starz? That’s something that everyone is going to have their own opinion about — that much is always clear. The dream premiere date is almost always “tomorrow,” but we’re trying to think with at least a small shred of realism here.

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In trying to figure out what the dream Outlander premiere date is, we tried to keep a few things in mind. For starters, that production is probably going to last for the remainder of the year, and that Starz can’t just put the show on TV in early January when things are not completely edited together just yet. Getting a show on the air is a pretty complicated series of events. We don’t think that Outlander will be ready in January or February. Yet, we also don’t want to see it run too far into the summer, given that this would mean a smaller pool of live viewers. Shows have overcome that before, but why should Outlander have to?

This is why we’ve come up with this as the dream premiere date for season 5: Sunday, March 1. What’s the benefit? It’s on the other side of Oscar season and all of the major TV competition in February, but it’s still early enough in the year to take advantage of a lot of viewers staying in on Sunday evenings. Outlander has found some success in the spring before, so it makes sense to hit up this timeslot again.

Also, it’s possible that Outlander season 5could air new episodes (there are twelve of them) from March 1 until Sunday, May 17. Why does that matter? Well, it’s the last Sunday before Memorial Day Weekend and because of that, Outlander would be able to air a full season of the show without any repeats. (We realize that they could air a new episode over Memorial Day Weekend if they wanted to, but it’s rarely ever a good idea in the ratings.)

Note that obviously, this article is just for fun and Starz still has the ability to make the season 5 premiere day whatever they want. We just think that, for the sake of coming up with a perfect schedule that allows the show to best succeed without hiatuses or it airing in the summer, this is the way to go.

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