Beecham House episode 3 preview: Whose secret could come up?

Beecham HouseDespite its period setting and lavish costumes, we’d argue entering Beecham House episode 3 that really, this is a show about secrets. It’s about some of the things that characters opt to tuck away and whether or not there is a way to properly seal them up.

Take, for example, what we know entering Sunday’s new episode. Much of the show’s viewership is at this point well aware that Henrietta is suffering from some sort of opioid addiction, but she’s been able to hide it from most of her family. Hiding it from Violet, meanwhile, is a bit more of a challenge — ultimately, what Henrietta ends up forcing Violet to do could jeopardize everything.

So why would Violet want to do something risky to herself, and something that could hurt Henrietta’s long-term health? It likely has to do with one of her own major priorities, which is doing everything that she can to inch closer to John. She wants to be with him — she would not have traveled to Delhi otherwise.

If you want some more insight as to what lies ahead on Sunday’s episode, check out the Beecham House episode 3 synopsis below.

John and Samuel find the perfect gift for the Empress, but when their shipment goes missing and Gopal, John’s loyal servant, is murdered John’s future is thrown into jeopardy. He suspects that Castillon is behind the death. Violet agrees to procure more opium for Henrietta in return for help in her quest to win John’s affections. At great risk to her safety she ventures into the medical quarter and is attacked. Will Henrietta’s secret addiction be exposed? Samuel reveals to Castillon that they share a common interest – the downfall of John Beecham. Samuel is determined to bring John back to England. Baadal is left heart-broken as Daniel and Chanchal become closer. Margaret is now part of the inner circle of the court and is determined to help John discover the whereabouts of the shipment. With her help, Daniel and John, at great risk, break into a property hoping to discover the gift. Will they find it before they are discovered?  John’s future in Delhi is at stake.

In the end, it appears as though episode 3 is going to continue to try and balance out as many different elements as possible. Sure, you are going to continue to have the possible romances (it’s easy to root for Margaret) and the family relationships. Yet, there is going to be the larger arc of John trying to keep his business afloat and in the good graces of prominent people around him. Will he succeed? We should find them out in just under 24 hours.

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