Beecham House episode 3 preview: What’s next for John?

Beecham HouseMoving into Beecham House episode 3 (airing on Sunday), there are certainly loose threads dangling. Whether or not the storytellers choose to tie up those ends right away is a totally different question! We’re still left to wonder whether or not John Beecham told the truth regarding Chandrika being August’s aunt, or that the baby’s mother is actually dead. If that is all it is, why keep that secret for so long? Something doesn’t quite add up, and it may have a thing or two with John’s own trading history. There is a reason his life has turned out the way that it has, and he is in a part of a world where it is easy to make some enemies.

So where we go from here is fascinating. For John, he needs to determine if he can find a way to stabilize his family unit. Presuming there are no more secrets, he still needs to ensure that people like Henrietta and August’s “aunt” get along. He also needs to make sure that he does find a place within Dehli’s larger society. He was on the hunt for a gift for the Empress in tonight’s episode, and we expect that story will continue on Sunday night.

As for some additional subjects to explore…

Will Henrietta’s addiction be explored? Henrietta is sort of the classic obnoxious mother character we have seen on other shows, someone who seems to revel in putting others down when in reality, they are harboring perhaps one of the deepest and darkest secrets of all. She may judge Beecham all she wants, but she has some skeletons of her own hiding in her closet.

How long will we be seeing Daniel within this world? We got a chance to see John’s brother tonight, but given his job you have to wonder if he is going to be able to be around for some time.

What’s going on with Margaret? In particular, is she going to want to stick around Dehli? We’ve learned now that she has an opportunity to get passage back home, provided of course that this is something that she wants. She’s got the option of choice and that’s not someone everyone within this town really has. There’s something building here between her and John … but there are also many obstacles still in their way.

Where does Violet fit into all of this? It seems like much of her journey this season is defined by a want to be with John in India … one that may amount to nothing other than awkward conversations.

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