ABC’s ‘Castle’ review: Is Castle’s and Beckett’s [spoiler] out?

Who wants to go on a little vacation? If you answered “Castle and Beckett” here, then you are correct! For Monday night’s new episode, our loving couple decided to take off to the Hamptons in order to get some much-needed rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, there was one problem with this: there was really little to no rest or relaxation.

From the very beginning, we saw that there would be trouble in the city as we witnessed a dead body fall straight into Castle’s pool; and then, there was also some trouble back in New York City. Ryan and Esposito were starting to grow a little bit restless when it comes to finding out who Beckett was dating, and they started a bit of an investigation of their own.

Ultimately, there was some pretty major irony here in that really, Ryan and Esposito had the mystery solved courtesy of what our leads were doing in the wealthy New York town. The hunt led to them interviewing the right witnesses, and one of them just so happened to tell Ryan the truth about Castle being with a woman named “Kate” while working on the case (which was fairly entertaining, mostly in that it made the Hamptons out to be the Mayberry of New York).

The only thing that was more startling about this information was really what Ryan decided to do with it. Rather than telling Esposito and really blowing up the relationship for everyone to hear, he decided to keep the secret to himself. Obviously, he knew that there was a reason why these two were keeping it secret, and decided that it may be best for them to spill the beans in their own way, at their own time.

What did you think about this episode, and do you think that Castle and Beckett’s secret getting out really changes anything at all? If you want some scoop on the show’s upcoming sci-fi episode, all you have to do is read the story here.

Photo: ABC

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