Bodyguard season 2: Could it stay off the air until 2021?

Bodyguard season 2

We know that Bodyguard season 2 is one of the most anticipated seasons pretty much any show out there. It’s the long wait that makes it all the more insufferable. To go along with that, it’s also the fact that there technically hasn’t even been a season 2 renewal yet. It’s a foregone conclusion, sure, but everyone involved is taking their time. REALLY taking their time.

Recently, we reported that Bodyguard season 2 will not be filming this year, which is mostly out of a desire for Richard Madden and show creator Jed Mercurio to make sure that there is proper time between the end of season 1 and the start of season 2. This works both in terms of characters and also viewers. With the show like this, a paradigm change is at times necessary. David Budd went through so much trauma and hardship in season one that he probably needs a little bit of time to recover from it. He may also need to find himself in a different position in life where what happened with Montague won’t just follow him around.

For viewers, having a long wait can be useful when it comes to viewing the show through a different lens. We certainly think that everyone involved probably wants to make sure that there is no sophomore slump here and that season 2 is every bit as strong as season 1. There have been times when a show like this does rush back to the air and fails as a result of it. We are looking firmly at you, True Detective!

With the long wait until season 2 even starts filming, it’s not crazy to think that Bodyguard may not air at any point in 2020. Waiting until 2021 doesn’t feel like a good solution for anyone right now, but we’re starting to think that it might be possible. It takes a considerable amount of time for a show like this to film, especially when so much of it is geared around one actor in the majority of the scenes. On the other side of that, you still need to properly score it, edit, mix it together, and then find the right premiere date for BBC One and Netflix. These are decisions that you can’t just make overnight, as there is a lot of careful consideration in every aspect of it.

It’s possible that season 2 could premiere on BBC One at the end of 2020 and then on Netflix in early 2021, mostly because American viewers tend to have to wait a little bit longer for British imports. Also, Bodyguard airs week by week in the UK so it needs time in order to do that. No matter when the Bodyguard season 2 premiere is, it’s fairly clear now that you’re going to be waiting.

Would you be okay with Bodyguard season 2 premiering in 2021? Be sure to let us know in the comments. (Photo: BBC.)

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