Bodyguard season 2 won’t film in 2019, says Richard Madden


While a Bodyguard season 2 feels like a foregone conclusion, it’s still not officially renewed. More than that, we’ve also learned that it won’t go into production at some point in this calendar year.

Speaking via Deadline, the show’s own star Richard Madden explained the reasoning for what is now becoming a lengthy delay:

“I’m very keen to work with [creator] Jed [Mercurio] and work out how to move on the next bit of the story … but we decided we’re not going to rush it and shoot something this year.

“We’re going to give it a breath and do it justice. If we come back to do another one, I want to do something as different as the first series was, and not just repeat the cycle, repeat the formula.”

The primary reason why all of this waiting is so unusual is the series’ runaway success in the first place. When you think about it, the majority of programs on television hardly have any waiting at all from one season to the next — maybe a few months following the end of one season airing and the start of the next season’s production. This is even more the case for runaway hits and by all measures, Bodyguard is that and then some. We’re looking here at one of the most successful programs in recent British television, a series that consistently delivered time and time again in terms of fantastic storytelling, intensity, and immersion. It maintained its popularity and then built on it when the series arrived on Netflix here in America.

If the BBC had it their way, and they could guarantee quality, we’re sure that they would’ve wanted a season 2 immediately. Yet, quality is the key and they are proving themselves to be a fantastic partner. In exercising patience for a season 2, what they are doing is giving Mercurio time to create the best possible story and also allowing Madden to do some other things in the interim. Do you run the risk that viewers forget about the show and enthusiasm wanes? We suppose so, but we think the reward of a great season far surpasses any perceived risk. This isn’t an ordinary story where you can just bring everyone back and do the same thing again. What makes Bodyguard so special is the challenge it presents — how can David Budd do what he did in season 1 all over again? his life is dramatically different, and he’s a public figure in the way that he once wasn’t. They’ve created quite a puzzle for themselves, and watching the pieces fall into place is one of the things that could be the most exciting about the new season.

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