Claws season 3 episode 4 video: Who’s out to save Roller?

ClawsAs we approach Claws season 3 episode 4 when it airs on TNT this weekend, there’s one mission that stands tall above all others: Saving Roller. The character is in danger and through what’s coming, we’re going to have a chance to see if Desna can find a way to get him back.

Doing so, as you would probably expect, is a little bit easier said than done. For starters, you gotta find a way in order to know where he’s located. Then, you have to outsmart his very captors. Mac and Melba have shown themselves to be savvy so far in the series — they know what they’re doing, even if they’ve seemed at times vulnerable. Some of it may just be a front, a way to disarm Desna and make her think that they can get to her even when that is not actually the case.

There’s also another component to this — how badly does Desna want Roller rescued? We’re sure that she does, but what if she’s forced to make an impossible choice? We don’t think that Mac and Melba are above kidnapping someone else she cares about and forcing her to choose between one and the other. Think about the turn, the event that happens on a show like this to really make you fear a threat. Sometimes, the best way to ensure you hate a subject is to have them kill someone important, someone you care about. We don’t want anyone to die, but we could see Claws having something like that happen to make us fear these characters and think that Desna and her crew are really in trouble. They’re taking a big gamble running this casino and trying to take power, and they may not be able to cash out on it on the other side.

There’s also simply this: The title. Is “Boy, Bye” a reference to saying goodbye to Roller, or is this just Claws using a cheeky phrase, as they are one to do? Episode titles are not always canon, but it is a fun thing to think about as we get closer to the episode airing.

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