‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 spoilers: Why is Penny tackling Sheldon?

There’s always something fun about watching the battle of the sexes, especially when it happens on a show like “The Big Bang Theory” where arrogant geeks tend to run amok like wildfire. Naturally, this is going to lead to a certain group of people believing that they have an instant advantage over the other during this battle.

What’s the best part of the show’s latest promo below? Basically, it’s the site of seeing Penny actually pin Sheldon down on the floor. While we’re pretty sure just about every other one of the male cast members here would start sweating uncontrollably the moment that this happened to them. However, this is not exactly the case when it comes to Jim Parsons’ character, who looks as though he is absolutely terrified as to what exactly is happening to him.

Elsewhere, the battle of the sexes is not going to take preference over something else that is going to be potentially dramatic here: Howard’s return from outer space. We know that he has been missing planet earth in just about the worst way imaginable, and it is going to lead to some rather funny scenes that will probably involve him kissing the earth. At the same time, though, we also suspect that we are going to be seeing some drama as soon as the subject comes up as to where Howard and his new wife are going to live. Everyone has an opinion on the subject, and there will be several disputes as a result.

What are you the most excited about when it comes to this new episode?

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