A Double Shot at Love season 2: Could Vinny, Pauly D return to MTV?

Double Shot at LoveWe’re now over 24 hours removed from the finale of A Double Shot at Love featuring Pauly D and Vinny, and the results weren’t exactly great. Neither of the two Jersey Shore guys ended up with any of the women who came on the show looking for a relationship — Vinny at least chose someone, but the relationship fizzled soon afterward. Thanks to the reunion, we do have a larger question on our mind. Is the premise of the show, and its proclamation that you cannot date someone in public for months following filming, flawed? We understand the no-spoiler nature of the issue, but at the same time spoilers got out from the reunion in advance anyway and it feels like it was this very philosophy that kept Vinny and Alysse from working out in the first place.

Sure, you could also argue that if Vinny had wanted this relationship to happen, Alysse would’ve been worth waiting for — but there’s no point wondering at this point.

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One thing that is worth wondering is if a Double Shot at Love season 2 could actually happen. Technically, this was the second season of the franchise, as there was one many years ago that the majority of viewers probably don’t remember. (It didn’t have any Jersey Shore connection, hence why it’s a blip on the reality TV radar now.) Regardless of whatever season you want to call this one, there’s one thing that matters: The ratings, and they just happen to be enormous. This past season ended up generating a 0.8 rating and then also close to 800,000 viewers. Those were its best numbers of the season and were nice increases from the season average. Because of that, it’s obvious that MTV will probably be interested in continuing this franchise in some way.

If there is a problem with the show coming back, it’s the hollowness of dipping back in what’s going to feel by the end of this like an empty well. There are only so many times that we foresee the entire Double Shot of Love format working with guys who don’t end up with anyone. We think that there needs to be at least some pretense that you could actually end up with one of the guys since otherwise, the leads don’t matter and it’s yet another farm system for MTV to use to bring forward talent for some of their other shows. This show deserves better than to be just that.

Do you want there to be A Double Shot of Love season 2?

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