Instinct season 2 premiere sneak peek: An update on Dylan, Lizzie

InstinctEntering the Instinct season 2 premiere on CBS Sunday night, the network obviously realizes one thing — it’s been a long time since this show was previously on the air. Think in terms of last summer! Because of that, maybe they’re doing a little bit more work than they would otherwise to remind you of who Dylan and Lizzie are. Consider the two new sneak peeks that CarterMatt has for you below from Sunday’s episode, entitled “Stay Gold,” as a reminder of these characters and their backgrounds.

With Lizzie Needham, you have a detective who’s able to see things sometimes that other people don’t. She’s street-wise and aware of her surroundings, and when she sees a suspicious character at a crime scene, she sets eyes on him. When he tries to run away, she then tracks him down before putting him in handcuffs. For a CBS crime show, it’s really a nice little action sequence watching Lizzie chase this guy down to the streets of New York City. As for why he was running in the first place, that’s one of many mysteries entering the episode.

As for Dylan, meanwhile, his sneak peek focuses more on him doing some of what he does best: teaching his class. That is a part of the show to go along with him working with Lizzie, and here he talks all about narcissistic personalities. He does a little demonstration focused on one subject — would a student rather have a better overall grade (B+), but worse than her classmates (A-), or a worse grade (B-), but a better one than all of her classmates (C). This is mostly a test to see if it’s more about the grade for the student, or about them having something to brag about.

So while you don’t get any definite information on long-term stories within these previews, it’s a nice little reset to who Dylan and Lizzie are away from each other. When they’re together, you know that they are pretty much gold —  we’re throwing it back to the title here, folks. They’ll be spending plenty of time together, and there are also some other individual storylines not set up here — take, for example, Dylan and his husband Andy doing their best to adopt.

If you love a good murder mystery show, Instinct is right up your alley. It’s funny, thought-provoking, and it makes the most of the small cast that it has. Check it out Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern and get immersed in the latest case!

If you do want some more insight now on the Instinct season 2 premiere, we suggest that you visit the link here. Also, let us know in the comments what you want to see. (Photo: CBS.)

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