Instinct season 2 episode 1 spoilers: Dylan & Lizzie are back!

InstinctCBS has absolutely tested your patience when it comes to seeing Instinct season 2 episode 1, but here’s the good news —  it’s going to be here very soon! June 30 isn’t that far away at this point, and we have some details that make the premiere seem like it is going to be rather exciting.

Why is that? Just think along these lines — you’ve got another great mystery, some more personal stuff for Dylan and his husband Andy, and also the arrival of a newcomer who could be tied to a larger mystery this season. For more news, be sure to check out the official Instinct season 2 episode 1 synopsis below:

“Stay Gold” – Dylan and Lizzie investigate the murder of a successful businesswoman who attempted to prolong the lifespan of humans. Also, Dylan and Andy look to continue their adoption search, and Detective Ryan Stock (Travis Van Winkle) from Nebraska arrives to hunt for a potential serial killer, on the second season premiere of INSTINCT, Sunday, June 30 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

First and foremost, let’s just say this —  one of the best things about Instinct is its commitment to the mystery. There are a lot of shows within this genre that have kind of shifted away from the whodunit aspect of them, and we’re not really sure that’s for the best. There is something that still great about being at home and playing a guessing game to go along with the people you’re seeing on screen. Instinct, along with Elementary, are two of the best shows out there for this, and it’s kind of fitting that they’re both airing in the summer on CBS. Hopefully, that element from the first season is very much here, as well as the great rapport that exists between Dylan and Lizzie. Their relationship and the sense of humor that they have help to keep things light even if the material that they’re taking on is extremely dark.

Now as for some other stuff, we are kind of curious to see what happens next with Julian and Lizzie following what transpired for the two of them near the end of season one. Meanwhile, it feels like Dylan and his quest for adoption alongside Andy is something that could be a big part of the show — or at least we hope that it is. It’s really not that often that you actually get to see a functional married couple on any crime procedural show, especially one that actually feels healthy. Creatively, one of the biggest struggles is probably just going to be continuing to find fun ways to incorporate Andy into the storyline, given that he’s not exactly a directly associated with the police.

What’s our biggest concern moving in the Instinct season 2 episode 1? It’s mostly that people remember to watch it, given that it is premiering so deep into the summer and it will have been a really long time since the season 1 finale when it airs. Hopefully, viewers just remember everything that this show brought to the table, and how they’re just not going to have that many more opportunities to check out great mysteries this summer.

What do you want to see on Instinct season 2 episode 1? Be sure to let us know in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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