Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 5 video: What happens to Althea?

AltheaFear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 5 should be highly anticipated — if for no other reason than that we’re going to get answers! For those of you wanting more information on Althea, whether it be her history or what’s going on with the helicopter people, this could be it.

Yet, the opening minutes (which you can watch below) from Sunday’s new episode are not rushing to give you answers. They’re working more towards setting the table for some of what’s coming in terms of Althea’s struggle and also giving you answers. It’s pouring rain when the scene begins and this becomes about more than survival. She’s gotta protect the tapes!

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If anyone out there scoffs at how big of an emphasis the writers are putting on these darn tapes, rest assured that we’re right there with you. They are focused on at times to a ridiculous degree, but we like to imagine that there’s a larger game here. Some of it has paid off already with Daniel Salazar; more of it could come later. For Althea, she recognizes how important these tapes are because they set her apart. While so many people are thinking just about survival, she is trying to hone in on something more. She wants to actually provide something for the next generation and a record for what really happened. This is the irony of history — the times in which documentation is most needed are the same times in which it is the hardest to come across. There are so many other priorities for everyone else!

The first order of business for Althea should be survival; yet, she’s going to keep her camera at every step and also work on making sure she gets back to everyone else. That’s been one of the core components of season 5 so far — having to watch characters each make it through separate from one another. At least with some other characters like Morgan, Alicia, John, or even Luciana, they’re not alone. Althea’s situation is different and, unfortunately for her, it’s likely not to be getting better in the near future.

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