Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 5 sneak peek: More helicopter questions

Fear the Walking DeadWhat in the world is going on with these helicopters in the greater Walking Dead universe? There may be no larger mystery at this point. We know that one is tied to Jadis and Rick Grimes’ departure from The Walking Dead itself, and Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 5 seems to be embracing the subject matter like never before. For more, just check out the sneak peek we have for you below.

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From the get-go, it’s clear that the helicopter that snatched up Althea is within at least the same family as the one tied to Rick — we personally aren’t sure that it’s the same helicopter, mostly because we’re talking about shows set in different states and that would have to be a really well-traveled helicopter for it to happen. We also tend to think that these helicopters are both a part of some sort of organization — while Al seems to struggle with getting it off the ground, it doesn’t seem like the helicopter’s put together with spare parts. It seems reasonably maintained and like whoever is operating it has a good sense of what they’re doing.

Unfortunately, this sneak peek ends before we get to learn too much more — Al is interrupted at gunpoint before she can figure anything else out! This hasn’t been a great past few weeks for the character. The last we saw her, she was getting snatched up and now she finds herself in the company of some less-than-welcoming people. It seems as though these people are the same exact group that is driving some of the kids (otherwise known as Fear the Walking Dead’s version of Lord of the Flies) to act in the way in which they are. They’re controlling almost everything in the region, but the question is why?

What do they have to hide, and why are they as dangerous as they are towards humans? In our mind, we do have this picture in our mind of apocalypse survivors rallying around each other, saying that they’re all in this together … but this is one of the reasons why we’d do terribly in a zombie apocalypse. We’re far too understanding and this is a dog-eat-dog world. The only thing that Althea has to be happy about at the moment is that she wasn’t just killed on the spot by these helicopter people. Clearly, they see some sort of larger purpose with her — maybe they’ll find her camera skills useful, or maybe they just think that she’s a mighty-fine hostage for a larger mission they’re out to execute.

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