‘How I Met Your Mother’ review: Godparent problems

Typically on “How I Met Your Mother,” we see a goofy sequence play out that plays out for just a few seconds. However, we saw something that went on a little bit longer than usual courtesy of the new game that took the gang by storm: who wants to be a godparent?

This episode did have an important storyline in trying to emulate  touchy subject in a silly way: the issue of what happens when your friends suddenly become parents, and their priorities almost instantly change. Ted, Barney, and Robin had not spent much time with Marshall and Lily in months, and when they did, it was almost entirely all around their kid and who would be fit to actually take care of young Marvin in the event that something happened to them.

The “godparent” game was fairly funny to watch, but we knew at that at some point, things were going to turn serious as Marshall and Lily realized just how much they had isolated themselves from their friends. With that in mind, they each decided to make things up to them by not only being better friends, but they gave all three of their friends the honor of being godparents. Would this make for a complicated custody dispute? Later, but it was sweet … though we have to admit that the real saving grace for this so-so episode was seeing Barney walk out of their apartment at 5:13 in the morning rather than helping to take care of the kid.

What did you think about this episode, and about the story that really managed to touch on a nerve that really happens with many people in their thirties these days?

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