Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 6 video: Who could die next?

Animal Kingdom season 3Let’s face it – Death is just a natural component to Animal Kingdom. We don’t know if any moment coming up is going to top what happened to Baz, but the show is not afraid to venture into any dark corners. Tuesday’s new episode is entitled “Into the Black” and typically this is a reference to a company being lucrative so could the Cody’s be coming into some cash?

In the promo that CarterMatt has for you below, you can get a good sense of some of the events that are set to unfold, most notably Smurf lashing out about someone going to the cops. She may be erratic at times, but she has her finger on the pulse on what’s happening in Oceanside. That includes knowing that there are traitors all around. She already knows how manipulative Frankie can be, which is why she was so against working with her in the first place. Now, Craig is in a bad spot because of that and is going to be looking to track her down.

Meanwhile, Adrian is the person talking to the cops and you gotta be worried about his future. Getting back to the subject in the title of this article (who could die next?), it feels like Adrian is the most likely character to die within the next few episodes. As soon as someone can pin down that he is the potential rat on the Cody family, don’t you think someone will do away with them? It’s sad in a way, given that we don’t think Adrian wants to smash Deran’s heart at all. He’s just in a situation where he may not have that much of a choice. (Ultimate Shakespearean tragedy prediction — we see Deran ended up having to kill his boyfriend himself.)

Beyond him, it’s understandable to be worried about Angela given that Smurf doesn’t like her … and nobody else has altogether warm feelings, either. The only one who seems to like having her around is Pope and he’s not what we would call stable.

Then, there is Smurf herself. She’s already made it more than clear she isn’t afraid to die, but it’s just hard to imagine Animal Kingdom wanting to kill off one of their most prominent characters this early in the season. The only way we see that is if Ellen Barkin really just wanted to peace-out on the show closer to the end of the season.

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