Elementary season 7 episode 6 review: Is Odin in bed with the NSA?

Elementary season 7 episode 6 reviewTonight on Elementary season 7 episode 6, what we saw was a deep dive into the character of Odin Reichenbach. What did we learn about him? It starts with his morality, or rather, his lack thereof.

Odin is a man who proclaims himself to be some sort of tech genius. He has developed the technology over the past several years with the purpose of predicting crime. It’s genius what he has done, but the problem is that it’s not exactly perfect. It’s also difficult to judge. From the start, Sherlock has his doubts — that changed exponentially when he looked into some of the people who were “taken down” as a result of his programming. That included a woman who Odin predicted would do something terrible to her children, whereas Sherlock noted some patterns that suggested that this would not be the case. He came to a different conclusion.

Through this storyline, Sherlock was working to collaborate with the NSA in order to ensure that he could take him down. Unfortunately, the problem is that the NSA was in bed with Odin. The man he was speaking to was actually working with Odin in order to ensure that his technology could pan out in the future. The NSA agent and Odin are working together in order to ensure that they can have it be perfect down the road. This was their way to stop the next September 11 and they were willing to do whatever they could in order to make it happen.

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When Sherlock called the agent out on some of his behavior, he made it clear that if he tried to take on Odin further, the NSA and Odin would ensure that Sherlock lost everyone he loved — that included people like Joan, Bell, Gregson, his family, and even people like Kitty Winter who weren’t even in America! Nobody was going to be safe and that’s why Sherlock decided to let things go … at least in terms of a partnership with Watson on the matter. He may still do whatever he can in order to operate things behind the scenes and get whatever he wants out of the situation. He’s not giving up, but he’ll do things his own way.

As for the other case, Bell and Joan spent much of the episode trying to get to the bottom of what happened in a case leading up to a shooting. It was basically their way in order to try and stop a future crime and it was far more procedural in nature. It didn’t have the same spark, but at least the two were able to figure things out leading to a great confession in the interrogation room.

CarterMatt Verdict

For now, Sherlock is screwed as clearly, Odin is the most dangerous foe that he’s faced off against. We’re talking about someone who is wise, dangerous, and capable of so much stuff that so many other Big Bads have not. The challenge here is larger finding a way for Sherlock to pursue him that doesn’t get so much of his family in danger.

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