A Double Shot at Love reunion: Did Vinny, Alysse break up?

Double Shot at LoveOn tonight’s A Double Shot at Love reunion, we got a good sense of what’s happening in the lives of both Vinny and Pauly D since Jersey Shore ended. What did we learn? Well, a number of different things — including that there is no relationship anymore between Vinny and Alysse.

During the reunion, Vinny made it clear that he and the woman he chose are no longer together, with the #1 reason being a lack of communication. Because of the way that this show works, Vinny and Alysse weren’t able to see each other in public. They had to keep things under wraps for the months that followed the show filming and because of that, things fell apart quickly. We get Vinny’s plight of wanting to see her and find a way to make it work, but we don’t get the idea of not putting the effort forward to make sure that something actually could happen.

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The majority of the reunion show was spent on the women, which in a way made it a little bit less exciting. The whole selling point of the show was Vinny and Pauly D, and it almost felt like the two of them got off fairly easily given that neither one of them still had a relationship with the women on the show. They were able to get some exposure for themselves and then move forward and somehow, that seems to be it. That’s the story, unless you really want to watch Angelina calling in and fighting with some of the other cast members.

If there is another season of the show, they have to find a way to make the relationship aspect of this more plausible. While contestants on The Bachelor are able to make their relationships work after filming, it’s a little different given that production is able to make sure they are able to see each other on what they like to call “happy couple visits.” Unless we end up seeing this show do the same thing, there are going to be some problems that it continues to run into, regardless of however long it lasts.

What did you think about the Double Shot at Love reunion?

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