Lucifer season 5: Tom Ellis comments on new final season discussion

Lucifer - Tom EllisIt still may not be the easiest announcement to digest, but we’re starting to — Lucifer season 5 is the end of the road for Tom Ellis and the cast. It’s hard to accept it, but we’re slowly on our way there. It’s a process for everyone — there is still that desire for more, but it’s also out of the hands of many people behind the scenes. Television is a complicated, tricky business, one where finances, studios, ratings, and so many more factors go into whether or not to keep a show around. It’s even harder when discussing streaming providers. We’re in one of the weirdest, craziest eras of TV that we’ve ever seen.

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Yesterday, we wrote about co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich’s post confirming that there is no path forward to get a show a season 6. There’s an awareness out there that fans want it, but with the current landscape at both Netflix and Warner Bros., it doesn’t seem as though anything is changing. Modrovich did promise that the writers are going to put their all into giving this story a fantastic conclusion, and now we’ve heard from Tom Ellis, as well.

In a post on Twitter (see below), Ellis humbly thanks everyone for their support, and hopes that the message does clear up some of the confusion. The dream would be that Lucifer goes on forever and we get more of Deckerstar, fun moments with the entire police department, and surprising adversaries to square off against. The reality, meanwhile, is all things must end. Lucifer isn’t going to have the long life of its signature title devil.

Where we go from here

Production on Lucifer season 5 will begin later this year, with the new season sure to premiere on Netflix in 2020. There are ten episodes to come and these will offer an opportunity to establish some closure for most of your favorite characters. As sad as the ending is, remember that it could’ve been worse. The writers could’ve had the rug pulled out from other them … such as what happened over at Fox. We’ve already experienced the worst and nobody wants to ensure that this ever happens again.

How sad are you that Lucifer season 5 is ending, and how do you think that the story is going to wrap up? Be sure to share now in the comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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