Queen Sugar season 4 episode 4 preview: Buried secret’s Nova’s trouble

Queen SugarNext week, Queen Sugar season 4 episode 4 is going to send out a reminder: We’ve only just begun when it comes to the drama of this season! We may have some surprise visitors, hardships, and Nova’s book serving as a magical wrecking ball, but there’s something dark still coming. Prepare for tears, prepares for issues over land, and above all else, prepare for someone digging.

Here’s a TV take for you — we’re not sure that there has ever been a good instance ever of someone grabbing a shovel on TV. Has it happened? If so, let us know in the comments. It’s hard to fathom that since you’re either digging something terrible up or putting someone in the ground. One is terrifying and the other is forlorn.

Anyhow, no matter the secret, Queen Sugar is going to give you time to look at it, speculate, and then prepare for the aftermath. It’s also going to give you time to stew in some of the aftermath of some of what we’ve seen with some of the other characters’ actions. We’re talking about Nova here. We’ve already given you our analogy of it as a wrecking ball, but how about this one — a termite eating away at everything. It’s going to keep eating and eating number there is nothing left unless someone tries to patch things up.

For a few more details, the Queen Sugar season 4 episode 4 synopsis below should suffice:

Nova remains estranged from her family, Charley learns more about the Landry’s plans, and Ralph Angel launches a re-entry program.

Is there any positivity coming?

It’s not all going to be depressing reveals, right? Ralph Angel could have a nice moment or two, and there is an element of family that reverberates through every scene. There are a lot of characters in the Queen Sugar world who do love each other, but they have a funny way of showing it. Too often they’re thinking a little too much about themselves, or too much they’re thinking a little bit about just one person around them. Because of this, they’re setting themselves up for carnage a little bit later.

Let’s now give OWN some kudos for having some guts — there are a lot of networks not programming next week because of the impending July 4! That’s not something that they’re worried about.

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Check out the link here! We’ve got some ratings information there, that way you can get a good sense of how the show is doing.

What do you want to see in regards to Queen Sugar season 4 episode 4? How do you anticipate some of this drama is going to unfold? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: OWN.)

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