Yellowstone season 2 episode 3 return date on Paramount Network

Yellowstone episode 8What is the Yellowstone season 2 episode 3 going to be on Paramount Network? Let’s not wait around before delivering the bad news: It’s not gonna be next week.

Because of a certain something known as Independence Day, the network’s taking a week off from airing the Kevin Costner hit … which makes absolute sense when you think about it. This is a show airing later in the evening right before a day where a lot of people are staying up light. Translation — there are a lot of folks going to be early on July 3. Airing a new episode on this day would be a total recipe for disaster and there’s no reason at all for the network to risk that. They’re much better off waiting ratings-wise … even if there’s already a season 3 renewal on record. There’s no reason to tank your ratings when you don’t have to!

So July 10 is the day you should set aside — that’s when Yellowstone season 2 episode 3 is coming, and it’s going to be bringing some heat! We mean that emotionally, and we also mean that in terms of the dramatic swings. This is a show that’s setting up a war at Yellowstone all over again, with people coming to threaten Dutton and his way of life. Beth can do what she can to try and keep the vultures and the greedy at bay, but she’s one woman surrounded by a lot of sharks. There may only be so long that she can swim away to dry land. (Maybe a sea metaphor isn’t the best for a show like this –oh well.)

Meanwhile, we’re curious to see what’s going to be next for Kayce as he finds himself in such a strange spot. There’s a part of him that’s been trying to pick up and carry the Dutton family torch, leading to tension with Rip and questions over if he’s capable of commanding respect. However, there’s also that part of him with that past with Monica. It’s a past that he could try to revitalize if the opportunity presents itself … and it could without question. Within this upcoming episode, you could have an opportunity to see these two reconvene for some more conversations … and there’s no guarantee that they’re going to be good.

Finally, remember this: We’re so early on in this season that we’d be dumb to assume that the playing field is set. There’s going to be more people jumping in to get their hands dirty, and some of them could be jumping in from nowhere. In this world, you gotta stay on your toes … and we’ll find out soon just how prepared a lot of these people are.

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What do you want to see from Yellowstone season 2 episode 3 when it airs on Paramount Network, and are you sad there’s no new episode next week? Share below. (Photo: Paramount.)

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