Who won The Amazing Race season 31, Tyler & Korey or Colin & Christie?

Amazing Race 31Who won The Amazing Race season 31 — Tyler & Korey, Leo & Jamal, or Colin & Christie? This finale episode featured the three teams in Detroit, doing what they could to grasp victory and that million-dollar prize. (Alas, Nicole & Victor found themselves eliminated in the UK, so they didn’t get a chance to run to that finish line.)

We know that the producers of The Amazing Race want to do whatever they can in order to have a close finish. Leo rendered part of that impossible in the opening Roadblock. One of the things about their run on The Amazing Race is that they’ve always struggled when it comes to attention to detail. They get excited or super-ambitious and because of that, they screw things up that they should nail. That happened with Leo, who couldn’t figure out how to open the vault after scaling down the building. The information was right in front of him and it was missing it.

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We’ll admit that come about 20 minutes into the finale, it was easy to rule the Afghanimals out — Tyler & Korey and Colin & Christie are incredible racers and it was hard to imagine them making a huge mistake. Colin & Christie actually finished the Roadblock first but, due to their cab driver going a little AWOL, they fell behind Tyler & Korey entering the next challenge — the football/bowling (“Fowling”) task and then pressing out vinyl records. There was a lot crammed into this challenge and that is certainly appreciated. (Leo finished the vault task while the other teams were working on the records.)

The next challenge was putting together a drum set … seems easy, right? Well, it’s not so easy when you’re having to combat a bunch of people performing “Seven Nation Army” at full blast. Tyler’s got family who play drums so he thought he would be able to figure this out right away … but it was the little details that clearly slowed both teams down. Not so much that Leo & Jamal caught up, mind you, but it still slowed them down.

Colin & Christie were the first team who managed to make their way through that task and, with that, they could take off towards the finish line. We had a race! The most disappointing thing was that there was no real memory task or way to honor the entire journey of the season. Building a drum just doesn’t have that much of a zing to it as the final task of the season.

Who won?

It was all about getting there as fast as possible, but given that there was no real drama on the road, it was easy to assume that Colin & Christie would make it there … and they did! They are the winners of this season and what a worthy pair they are. They ran a fantastic race from start to finish with poise, control, and understanding each other. They showed how much they evolved from their early days of the show. Christie also saved the day with that drum set.

Tyler & Korey finished in second and the Afghanimals were in third place … we kinda wish we knew what happened to them in some of the other tasks.

CarterMatt Verdict

A great season gets a decent, but not great, finale. It stinks that there were only two teams really in it, just as it also stinks that the final tasks weren’t even crazier and honored the entire journey of the show. We like finales to feel like a culmination.

When will The Amazing Race season 32 premiere?

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