‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: Cristina smiles (!) in new sneak peek

It’s not particularly often that you can really classify someone breaking a smile as the latest and greatest news, but this is what we are precisely seeing in the latest sneak peek that we have to share courtesy of Thursday night’s new “Grey’s Anatomy.” Of course, it should come across as a given that we are talking about someone who seemingly lives inside of a puddle of despair: Dr. Cristina Yang.

As the video below does its best to show off, you can see the doctor try to get her bearings in her new hospital setting, and this includes some encouragement from one of her fellow new doctors to try and loosen things up a little bit. Why? It’s clearly visible that she does not like the way in which she is being utilized, and would much rather see herself in the operating room rather than just doing some work that she feels is beneath her new position.

How long is Cristina really going to survive in this new environment? This is something that we are sure both we and a number of the other fans of the show are currently wondering. She has not only been used to working at Seattle Grace for some time, but she also has her closest friend and confidant present at this particular place in Meredith. Here, she will be relatively isolated, and we have to wonder if there are any remaining feelings for Owen that are going to start to slowly creep back up in the process.

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