Is The InBetween new tonight on NBC? New episode 4 promo

InBetweenIs The InBetween new tonight on NBC? Despite the show only premiering weeks ago, it already feels like it’s getting the hot-potato treatment. One week it’s on, the next it’s off, and then it’s on again! Then, it’s off again. Unfortunately, The InBetween is not on the air tonight.

Why is NBC doing the show like this? It’s not out of any malice; it’s the result of bad luck more so than anything. The first preemption earlier this month came because of the Stanley Cup Finals being a deep series. Tonight, the preemption is coming as a result of a Democratic Presidential Debate. These two events are in some way forcing The InBetween into airing a new episode next week (July 3) — which may not be the best move, either. It’s risky to air a show the day before July 4, when viewers are off celebrating, shooting off fireworks, or grilling outside/forgetting they even have a TV. It’s just riskier to not air a new episode for two straight weeks when you’ve only put three on the air. That’s why it’s imperative for The InBetween episode 4 to come on the air tomorrow.

So what is coming up story-wise? The promo below gives you a small sense of it, and maybe it’s enough reason to interrupt your pre-Independence Day festivities. Through “Kiss Them for Me,” Cassie will deal with some paranormal activity via a woman who needs help solving what happened to her. Translation? She’s dead and she wants answers. It’s hard to blame her for that. This is where Cassie can either bring the case to Damien and Tom, or try to take things on herself. Either way, this is a mystery that makes good use of the show’s central premise and allows her to communicate with the dead in a cool way.

So what is coming up in this episode? Be prepared for Damien and Tom to be faced with one of the biggest tasks as they work in order to stop a killer — one targeting students at a high school. They have to find a way to determine who is doing this, why they’re doing this, and how to have everyone breathe a little bit easier.


If you want The InBetween to have a good chance at coming back for another season, you need to watch! Also, you need to watch live! Those numbers are the ones NBC focuses on and while we’re pessimistic about any summer show coming back for another season, there was good news for Blood & Treasure. Through that summer show comes a beacon of hope for any other summer show that they, too, could have a chance for more down the line.

What do you want to see on The InBetween episode 4, and are you sad that the show has yet another hiatus so soon into the game? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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