‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: First look at trouble in episode 4 (video)

“Dexter” may very well be the king of making things go from bad, to worse out of just about any show on primetime television. It was tough enough earlier this season for our serial killer with Deb now knowing the truth about just what sort of person he is. Now, he has an entire crime syndicate breathing down his neck.

As you saw last night, one confession from Louis in an attempt to save his own life may have been his final move to screw the guy over in a way that he was never able to do alive. Now, the people who are going to be chasing Dexter are far more dangerous than just a computer programmer with a little bit of a creepy side. It’s also going to be rather fun to see just how Dexter manages to evade these people, given that there really is still so much time left in the season and the perception is here is that they are the “big bads” who will play a role in the entire season.

As for the rest of the episode, let’s just say that Dexter and Deb are not ready just yet when it comes to taking down the killer from the end of this past episode. Even though Jennifer Carpenter’s character has already said that she does not approve of what he is doing, we don’t really think that she will turn him in this time around if she does discover that Dexter has taken this guy out after he has already killed one woman since Dex first made his desire to do the deed pretty clear.

So where is Hannah McKay’s character in all of this? Yvonne Strahovski is not present in this teaser, but we do still have a feeling that we are going to see plenty more of her this season before things come to a close.

How do you think Dexter is going to be able to avoid the mob?

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