Is The Simple Life revival coming with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan at Netflix?

Netflix ratingsCould we actually be getting more of The Simple Life? It’s one of the reality series that really kickstarted the unscripted programming craze (and one of our guilty pleasure shows when it first came out), and there is some evidence that it could be coming back.

For a little more evidence on this very thing, just check out the show’s Twitter account! There are a series of tweets hinting at a pairing of original star Paris Hilton and then Lindsay Lohan, who would be seemingly filling the role of original star Nicole Richie. Lohan is coming off of the end of her other reality show in Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, which was canceled after just one season and low ratings.

Unless the Twitter is just doing a spectacular job of trolling the world, it looks like there could be something in the works — the account is only following three others, and those include Lohan, Hilton, and then Netflix. Getting a show like this on the streaming service would absolutely get a lot of attention since they don’t have a lot of this type of programming which is really popular right now with shows like The Kardashians, Double Shot at Love, and the upcoming MTV show based all around one of our favorite YouTubers in Tana Mongeau … and it would play really well in terms of nostalgia.

Unfortunately, here’s where some of the evidence starts to come in that this account is trolling the world. While the account was originally verified at the time it began its Simple Life Twitter spree, it managed to lose its badge somewhere along the way. What happened? It’s possible that it changed its original handle and, in doing so, it lost it — but something seems a little fishy. Meanwhile, a source claims to E! News that there is no revival in the works at the moment.

So maybe this was all just a game for someone to get The Simple Life back on the air … or maybe it’s someone trying to test the waters. Either way, the attention of the internet is piqued by all of this and the tweets have generated a ton of discussion within the past several hours. We’re not entirely sure what the market on The Simple Life would be in 2019/2020, especially with two people in Lohan and Hilton who are at this point world-travelers and have seen a whole lot more stuff than either Hilton or Richie did when the show first premiered and it was more of a fish out of water story with Hilton once famously asking “what’s Walmart?”. At this point, it feels almost better suited that a new version of the show reboot itself with people who don’t have as much life experience — but, if you do that, maybe it’s not The Simple Life anymore.

If there’s a lesson to all of this, it’s this — sometimes, you can’t even trust once-verified accounts completely. Meanwhile, sometimes you have to left great reality TV concepts die. This was the ultimate fish-out-of-water show, but despite the buzz, this may be much ado about nothing.

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