Are Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul teasing Breaking Bad movie, Better Call Saul reunion?

Better Call Saul season 4

Are Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reuniting after so many years for something related to Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul? You don’t really need to play Internet Detective to realize that something exciting is going down here.

Earlier today (and at the same exact time, no less), both Cranston and Paul tweeted out the image below with the identical caption: “Soon.” What does this mean?  The setting for the donkeys/mules seems like it could be Albuquerque (where the show films) and they could be stand-ins for Walt and Jesse in some way. We should also acknowledge that Peter Gould, executive producer of Better Call Saul, also acknowledged the image (in a now deleted tweet) saying “looking forward to this.” Gould also worked extensively on Breaking Bad.

There are two different schools of thought here, provided that this is even a reference to the AMC franchise.

An appearance on Better Call Saul – Personally, we don’t really think that it’s needed. Why bring Walt and Jesse on? We’ve already seen their story in relation to Jesse and it doesn’t feel as though there is anything really left to tell. The only thing to do here would be some sort of quick cameo and this show doesn’t need that for the sake of ratings.

Breaking Bad movie – We know that there’s been something reportedly in the works for a while now under the codename “Greenbriar,” but nobody’s been willing to mention what it is. One of the prevailing fan theories is that this is a Jesse-centric story following up on what happens after he escapes from the series finale.

Let’s say that this is it, but remember what happened in the Breaking Bad finale — Walt died, or at least that’s what we assumed happened. Resurrecting Walter White would completely invalidate the point of the original show and we like to think Vince Gilligan and the creative team wouldn’t do that. You could still have Cranston in the movie, though, either via flashbacks or some sort of metaphorical devil on Jesse Pinkman’s shoulder. That would make a little bit of sense — Jesse was so young through most of Breaking Bad and Walt became this influential figure in his life. Even after death, we could see Walt haunting him kind of like Dexter with his father except with a better series finale.

If the movie is filming soon, that would signal that we’d get a chance to see it in 2020. The funny thing is that we first heard about this after the plans came out for a Walking Dead movie featuring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. Yet, there haven’t been many actual updates on that for a while … save for Fear the Walking Dead bringing in a helicopter into its current season 5 story.

Let’s hope that there is some announcement following “soon” — we’d like to get something more before too long that isn’t just a donkey picture in the middle of nowhere.

What do you think is going on here? Are we actually getting closer in your mind to the big reunion actually happening? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: AMC.)

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