The Bachelorette episode 7: Dustin Kendrick, Dylan Barbour eliminated

HannahEntering tonight’s new episode of The Bachelorettewe were really just happy to have something that felt like an ordinary episode of the show again. We had actual dates, real romance, and Luke P. deciding to stir up trouble where there wasn’t any beforehand. This is all, as a whole, some of what this show does best.

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The Garrett date – Yes, they went bungee-jumping, but for the record, Hannah was wearing more clothing than the episode showed. She confirmed that she wasn’t totally in the buff on Instagram earlier. All of this is pretty ironic given that Luke P. was so in a huff over it for the rest of the episode, feeling like Hannah disrespected him or slapped him in the face. (For the record, Luke was also presented as being in the buff earlier this episode — think in terms of the shower scene in the early going.)

We will say that this date actually has gone a good bit better than we imagined that it was going into it. Garrett and Hannah do have a good rapport and they did open up to each other — we just wonder how Garrett’s relationship with Hannah could have gone in the event we didn’t have Luke P. around stirring stuff up.

The group date – Tyler C. got the group date rose! Beyond that, we saw a market in Riga, some romance, moonshine, and Luke trying to have his “Garrett slapped me in the face with his actions conversation.” Also, Jed performed

The Peter date – There was a lot of physical contact here — enough to probably make Luke P. even madder. There’s no question that the physical relationship between the two is undeniable. They’re totally into each other, but we wonder whether or not something deeper here will form in enough time. It has taken them a LONG time to have a date.

The rose ceremony – Leading into it, we had another Luke P. fight where the man got so man over how he felt like other guys were telling him what to do … even though he talked with Hannah about her date with Garrett. He just totally wants all of the rules to revolve around him and wants to control and manipulate everything all of the time. He just can’t connect with anyone.

Tonight, Dustin Kendrick and Dylan Barbour were eliminated … not that you probably have any real clue who either of these people are. No shock, Dylan’s upset that he went home over Luke.

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