MasterChef season 10 episode 6 preview: Featuring Alessandra Ambrosio

MasterChefComing up on Wednesday night’s MasterChef season 10 episode 6, a surprise guest is coming into the kitchen — Alessandra Ambrosio! We have seen models within the MasterChef Kitchen before — heck, there have been some models who are contestants before. Yet, it’s a little different when you are talking about one of the most famous models in the world and you’re doing a high-pressure mystery box challenge at the same time.

Ultimately, though, we don’t think anyone is going to get too transfixed on a celebrity guest when their time on the show is on the line. Take a look below for a few more details as to what’s coming up:

The Top 17 remaining home cooks compete in a high-pressure mystery box challenge, inspired by special guest Alessandra Ambrosio, for a shot at immunity. When the judges throw the contestants a curve-ball half-way through the challenge, the home cooks will need to use all their skills to win.

Given that the episode’s title hints at something being hot and spicy, we gotta imagine that there’s some sort of very dangerous food that’s being cooked up in this kitchen. We’re being a little facetious here, but you probably know what we’re talking about here — food that burns your mouth a little or sends your taste-buds firing off into all different directions. It’s really a chance to show how adventurous some of these home cooks can be, and that’s a part of why this show is so fun.

Think about it this way — on more professional cooking shows (think along the lines of Top Chef or Hell’s Kitchen), what you often end up seeing are people with a reasonably refined palette. They’ve been trained in the art of food and a lot of times, that means that they’ve got a reasonably good sense of what they want to do in the kitchen and what judges expect. There’s a little more of throwing darts at a dartboard that happens with a show like this. Sometimes, you do end up cooking food that is really bold and outside of the box — something that a traditional chef wouldn’t exactly think of in a million years.

Of course, on the flip side occasionally someone cooks up a total disaster. That is the risk you take when you try some things in this kitchen — but in order to get ahead, you have to do what you have to do! Playing it safe isn’t going to get you anywhere in this competition.

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