NCIS season 17: Maria Bello talks Sloane, Gibbs, evolution, & respect

Maria Bello

This fall, NCIS season 17 is going to air and it marks the third season of the series to feature Maria Bello in her role of Jack Sloane. She’s become a fixture of the series these past couple of years, both in terms of her performance and then also her character’s total vibe and personality.

Why does she work? In part, it’s because of how she works. It’s because she’s not just another agent at the office. She works alongside Gibbs, but she’s not someone he can order around. Her presence injects something different into the show because even though their end goals may be the same, their processes are often very different and while sometimes that leads to conflict it has lead to both of them looking at situations in ways they may not have before.

No matter whether you root for Gibbs/Sloane romantically or not, one of the things that you may be in agreement on is that the two have seen an evolution of their relationship since the start of the series. For some more on that subject, and why Maria chose to join the crime drama in the first place, check out what she had to say via Digital Spy recently:

What I really liked about Jack Sloane was that she was on equal footing with Gibbs, that she didn’t work for him, he doesn’t work for her …So, they really are colleagues and respect each other a lot and you’ll see over the next few seasons how our relationship deepens and we become better friends.”

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Notice how Bello says “friends” as opposed to something more — that doesn’t rule out the possibility of Gibbs/Sloane in the future. Instead, we just perceive this as her making the quote feel more universal. One other thing that we appreciate is her mentioning the idea of the “next few seasons,” given that this means she at least hopes to stick around following the length of her current contract. We know that there are always people out there desperate to proclaim that “insert random NCIS cast member” is leaving all the time and the most recent one we’ve been hearing a lot about is that Maria is allegedly leaving at the end of next season, but there’s no actual evidence that this is the case. Hopefully, Sloane is a fixture for however long the show wants to stick around and her saying “seasons” makes us feel like she has no plans to go anywhere.

If you missed it…

Bello recently commented on the idea of Gibbs and Sloane being together romantically, and talked about the relationship that she’s built over time with Mark Harmon. It seems as though the two enjoy working together and that is an excellent foundation for whatever is coming up next.

What are you the most excited to see when it comes to Sloane’s story on NCIS season 17? Be sure to share in the comments, and check back for even more news soon.

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