Big Little Lies season 2 episode 4 promo: Celeste’s sense of trust crumbles

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies season 2 is going to cause Celeste to feel a certain way — devastated, broken, and betrayed. Perhaps even more than ever. She still has the memories and the pain of Perry, the conflicted emotional aftermath of his death, and now also someone needling further into her. The question (at least based on the promo for episode 4) is who is behind this?

Is the Monterey Five close to falling apart? There’s a certain part of HBO’s promotional efforts that want you do think so, and that maybe Celeste is feeling especially hurt by someone like Bonnie or Jane. All of these women have suffered — they’ve endured trauma in the past or are reliving trauma in the present. They’ve been overwhelmed and inundated with secrets to the point where they can’t quite escape the crashing waves in their minds.

Yet, our prevailing theory here is the obvious one — Celeste feels the most betrayed by Mary Louise. There is a moment within the promo where she proclaims that she let someone who betrayed her into her home, and that clearly lines up with the arrival of Meryl Streep’s character. Add that to the title of this episode in “She Knows” and you feel like there’s a reason to press the panic button.

Maybe on some level Celeste will be feeling a lot of self-blame for not detecting the inevitable sooner. Of course Perry’s mother was going to ask questions regarding what happened to her son; of course she was going to do some digging of her own. She had to recognize that some of this was a possibility when she let her into her home. Yet, maybe she also felt like the two of them would share in their grief and that eventually, the questions would stop and the mourning would begin. That just hasn’t happened, and instead we’re on this slow, inescapable spiral that is probably going to lead to something way worse than what we’ve experienced so far this season.

The worst is still yet to come. Fear for Celeste — really, fear for all of the characters within the Five on some level. If Mary Louise doesn’t cause them to detonate, then some of their own tensions and feelings could. Even without the presence of an unstable element, the combustible nature of their current chemical compound would cause some trouble on its own. It’s just highly unusual for so many people to carry around so heavy a secret and never expect it to surface. Even if the truth never comes out publicly, it’s the fear of the truth that is equally dangerous. That fear can drive a person mad and can split up friendships before they even have a chance to persevere.

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