Songland video: Brandin Jay brings ‘No Money Alright’ to Meghan Trainor

SonglandTuesday night’s new episode of Songland is right around the corner, and if you were looking for your next song to sing along to in the car, you potentially have it with Brandin Jay.

In the sneak peek below, you can hear Brandin rock out to a song entitled “No Money Alright” for Meghan Trainor — it’s a revelatory song, really. It’s about recognizing that money is secondary to having a good time and you don’t need it; with the right group of friends and the right soul, you’ve got everything you need. There’s something so empowering about the simplicity of the song’s message in a time when excess is celebrated, and then there’s also the fact that Brandin sings this with so much joy. This is a guy who realizes the importance of the moment the very second that he’s in there. He’s been hustling and fighting for his songs for years and this is his opportunity.

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This is the beauty of Songland — the people on this show aren’t just songwriters looking for a quick leap into fame. They know that this isn’t an American Idol or America’s Got Talent. They’re working to get a career that lasts and this show can be an asset. It’s just getting them in a room with the right people who can help them get to that next level and as talented as you are, if the right people don’t hear you then it’s hard to move up that ladder.

So is “No Money Alright” really the best song for Meghan to perform? In its present form, probably not — and we say that loving the song and the positivity behind it. This is what the middle part of each episode is for though! Through the retooling sessions, the producers can help to make it into a song more fitting of who Trainor is and what she does as an artist. She’s someone who does have money at this point in her career, so you see the creative team working already to augment the chorus to fit that. Instead of it being about having no money, it becomes a celebration of sorts of not needing any money. It’s separating whatever money Meghan has from the experience of having fun. Then, the beat itself is transformed a little and goes from being a little gospel-y to something more pop-oriented — something that could be on one of her albums.

It’s amazing how much just a few little changes can alter the whole DNA of a song, but you see some of that in this Songland preview and it leaves us all the more excited for whatever comes for the other songwriters arriving in that room.

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