The Bachelorette spoilers: Why Hannah B.’s time in Latvia could be refreshing

Hannah Brown - Bachelorette castMonday’s The Bachelorette episode is going to bring something different to the table, at least compared to what we saw this past time: Content. Even the show’s creator Mike Fleiss seemingly admitted on social media that last week was the worst episode of the season! It’s not often that happens, but it is directly the byproduct of a story that offered up very little in the way of actual conflict beyond some Luke P. nonsense. The second hour was mostly a recap of recent events and that’s it.

So what’s happening now? Judging from the sneak peek below, there could actually be some fun coming up in Riga, Latvia! You’re going to see a group date that could actually feature a few people smiling (including Luke P.) as everyone’s going to visit a local market, have a drink of the local moonshine(!), and then enjoy some of the various sights and sounds of the city. It’s such a stark contrast to some of what we saw recently from the show in Scotland, where things ended on such a terrible note before everyone ended up making the trip over to the Baltic country.

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Could we actually end up seeing Luke behave himself, or at least not come across as overly aggressive to the other guys? For a few hours, we think that he could keep it together … but that’s about it. He’s already had a talk with all of them about “staying in their lane” and not infringing on each other’s time with Hannah. We like to think that this means something, to a certain degree, and that it’s a credo that everyone is going to follow to a certain degree. They have to all know at this point that fighting with each other around Hannah is bad news, and that’s really the only reason we have faith in them to get along. Having a repeat of Scotland is just going to lead to a quick trip out the door.

If there is a respite from some of the Luke P. drama, though, it’s going to be fairly short-lived. We still know from the previews that eventually, things are going to get explosive to new levels between him and Hannah, and it could lead to both a confrontation and eventually, him being booted from the competition. It’s not often that this show seemingly spoils someone’s exit in advance, but that is clearly a moment that many people have been looking forward to seeing.

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