Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 4 review: Is Daniel leaving, again?

Daniel Salazar

Entering Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 4, we recognized almost right away that we were going to see a story about at a cat — at least partially. After all, this was an episode named after Skidmark!

What we didn’t assume, meanwhile, was that there would be so much time spent on the relationship between Victor and Daniel. We know that Strand wanted the plane — or, he needed it in order to help the others. He just couldn’t figure out how to do it, so he turned towards Wendell and Sarah for support.

Meanwhile, Salazar took it upon himself in order to “help” Charlie, who he was sure that Victor was going to corrupt. His journey in this episode was an interesting one, since Charlie tried to get through to him — he claimed that he wanted to help people, but yet he refused to forgive one of the people most willing to actually collaborate with him. He didn’t want much of any part in it, but there was a legitimately good reason for it. It wasn’t because of the incident at the dam; as it turns out, it was instead all about Ofelia and Strand “wasting his time” to keep him away from her before it was too late.

The longer things went along here, and the more it appeared clear that these characters have a death wish. This was a guy who did help Charlie, but basically turned out to be the Pied Piper for zombies everywhere. He drew them all towards him and it was up to Sarah, Wendell, Strand, and Charlie to try and help him out when he was stuck.

In the end, Strand did what he could to risk his life in order to save Daniel’s. Eventually, he found his way to the airplane and thanks to those propellers, he gave us one of the gnarliest series of zombie kills that we’ve seen.

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Herein lies the sacrifice

Strand used all of the airplane’s oil in order to save Daniel — even those this was the plan he needed for his rescue. He did help someone but, unfortunately, there was a trade-off. Strand and Daniel’s reunion wasn’t a wonderfully happy one, but Salazar at least said “I’m not going to shoot you in the face” … so there’s that.

After Daniel was rescued, he eventually told Charlie what he was going to tell Ofelia: Every day brings a chance to start things over and do something right. It’s a chance at redemption and this marks his chance. It turns out, though, that there is something that he needs to go and take care of, and he is off to do that. Skidmark is apparently now the product of Charlie to look after.

What was going on with Luciana and Dylan?

After Dylan was rescued (really, another plot by the kids) last week, he spent a considerable amount of time tonight with Luciana. While there, he learned a little more of the story of The Little Prince, a story that came with it all sorts of messaging about finding normalcy even in some dark time. We really wanted to believe that Dylan was a good kid, just like we wanted to think that all of these kids were working for someone else. Yet, we saw Dylan still try to reach out to Max and Annie, who were making some unfortunate discoveries about the state of someone of their growler-barriers. It turned out that they were in danger, and that was enough in order for Dylan to crack and tell Morgan and Alicia via radio where they were located.

After Alicia and Morgan rescued them, that’s where it was clear that the kids were not alone — there were a number of different kids there. What is this, Lord of the Flies? Apparently, these kids are acting like this because of another group who came in and took Althea. They finally offered to help, but admitted that they couldn’t leave — the people back at the camp were their parents.

In the closing seconds, Luciana was encouraged by Dylan to find a way to fix their problem to get out of their precarious situation. Meanwhile, Morgan told Alicia about the wife and son that he lost along the way, and how he struggled to let them go. Then, we saw the helicopter depart … the same one that we saw earlier this season.

CarterMatt Verdict

Are we having to live (again) in a world without Daniel Salazar? That’s something that makes us sad, but at least this time around there is no sign that he’s seemingly dead. He’s still out there, redeemed and trying to do right in the world — whoever knew that this character would get us so choked up?

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