Elementary season 7 episode 6 video: Sherlock’s friend-or-foe debate

ElementaryWho do you trust? Entering Elementary season 7 episode 6, be prepared for Sherlock Holmes to be asking himself that question — with all of his thoughts gearing on one man.

Throughout episode 5, we had an opportunity to learn a thing or two more about Odin Reichenbach, someone who clearly purports himself to be somewhat of a revolutionary. This is a man who is incredibly smart, and seems to have figured out a way to predict crimes before they even begin. All of that is impressive … but what is his end goal here? There’s still something fishy about this man and what feels like fervent attempts to play god, especially since he has technology that no one understands.

Let’s put things this way — maybe Odin predicts that Bob is going to kill John and he can put a stop to it in advance. Who is going to be able to prove otherwise? Is this all a cover for Odin just wanting to do whatever he wants? We think that whatever is going on here is a little bit more complicated than that. They always are with a villain of this magnitude.

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Based on the promo below, you can certainly be assured that episode 6 is going to offer you some opportunities to dive into these questions further. You will see a little bit more of what Sherlock Holmes has is wrestling with when it comes to Odin, especially in terms of whether or not he can trust him. He knows that he’s connected to other stuff this season (mostly because he told him) and now, he has to learn more in the way of why — and also what his endgame could be. Is Odin out to do something to Sherlock? He could be playing the long game to hurt him … or he could genuinely be out trying to recruit him as a part of his operation. It’s probably more the former than the latter, but we don’t want to rule too much of anything out in what has been clearly established as a twist-filled world.

Also, remember this: We won’t even be at the halfway point of the final season by the time this episode wraps! That means that there are so many more opportunities to explore some of what’s coming up with Odin … but also dive into some individual cases, as well. It’s the combination of all of these things that make this show the delightful mystery that it is.

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