American Princess episode 5 promo: Is this an intervention?

American Princess

Come Sunday night’s American Princess episode 5 on Lifetime, there are going to be opportunities aplenty for some laughs. There’s also going to be an opportunity for plenty of side-eye in all directions.

What are we talking about here? Well, let’s just put it this way. For Amanda, there’s a chance that she may be casting some shade at basically everyone in her old life for their judgment and their snobbery. They are going to immediately try to dismiss the new life and world that she’s found herself at the renaissance faire, feeling as though it’s beneath them. They’ll be casting their own shade at Amanda the moment that she starts to talk about how they accept her and how it’s this fantastic community of people. They’re going to start throwing out the word “cult” to describe it!

Here’s a fine lesson of communication — telling someone that they’re a part of a cult rarely ever works, even if they are actually a part of a cult. Instead, it simply makes people upset since you’re accusing them of being somehow obsessed or crazy. This is going to lead to some conflict — but also a few more funny moments. The lesson at the core of it is how quickly someone can change when surrounded by the right group of people. What was normal to Amanda not that long ago now suddenly feels foreign or strange.

For those worried that this episode of American Princess would be somehow without the actual faire, have no fear — it will continue to play a part in the story, as it will for really the remainder of the season. (There is certainly a part of us that wonders what a season 2 would look like, given that at that point, being around the faire would probably feel different. Amanda then becomes more of the veteran welcoming in some of the newcomers — of course, we recognize that we’re getting ahead of ourselves in the first place, since we still don’t know if there will be any more of the series.)

Why you should watch

We recognize that there may be some people out there still on the fence about checking American Princess out, or maybe they haven’t really heard of it at all. The biggest case we can make for viewing it is that this provides you a great opportunity for some summer fun, a show with humor, heart, and memorable characters. It’s also not mocking the faire, so don’t look at this as a show that is poking fun at the people who work there.

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