Power season 6: How could the story of Ghost end?

PowerWe’re diving into the sixth and final season of Power in just over two months’ time, and throughout the next few weeks, we can only presume that some of the drama and anticipation for what’s ahead is only going to spike up. We certainly want more information on what could be coming, especially when it comes to formulating the endgame for many different characters.

At the forefront of much of this is of course Ghost, which makes sense given that at the forefront of this has to be Ghost. This is a guy who is the central point of view character in this story, and while he’s not a part of every scene, most characters do exist in relation to him. It’s because of this that there is so much to think about in terms of possible endgames for him this season, though so many of them really just come down to one important question — does Ghost have to die at the end of the show?

The simplest answer to that question is simply yes. Ghost is a man who has done some very bad things through his life, and you could make the argument that death is the consequence for his pursuit of something more. He went about his business in a way that was criminal and while he maybe didn’t suffer all of the legal consequences to that, the real ones could come in different ways.

If Ghost does die, we have a hard time imagining that it’s going to be coming at the hands of the police. Remember that there are a lot of ways in which someone could administer justice and within this world, there are a few clear possibilities as to how some of that could play out. If Ghost was to end up going at the end of this series, it’s infinitely more powerful if he is killed by someone close to him, whether it be Tommy, Angela, or Tasha. It’s still far too early to know who it could be, given that Power has a longer final season and so much is going to change between where we are now and where we’ll be going from here.

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Is there a way for Ghost to survive?

Sure, mostly because we’re not sure the point of Power is necessarily to punish the lead for its actions. Even if it is, there are some other ways to punish him. Ghost has already lost a daughter, and it’s certainly feasible he could lose so much more — think in terms of Tariq or whatever relationship he has left with Tasha or Angela. An alternative way of ending this series could show Ghost at the top of the pyramid. Yet, he would be standing there along given that he has alienated everyone in his life that he once loved and cared for. He put himself in a position where he didn’t have any of that love and trust that he could’ve had otherwise. He would have won, but the cost would be severe.

No matter how Power ends, it’s hard to imagine it being without consequence for James St. Patrick. Our feeling is that contrary to the simple assumption, he doesn’t have to die. Yet, we do think that there has to be some equal and opposite reaction to some of the stuff he’s done … and we don’t think we’re at the point yet where we can see fully what that is.

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