Power season 6 teaser sets up the ‘Final Betrayal’ (video)

PowerPower season 6 isn’t coming up until August 25, but we think the latest teaser via Starz should get your metaphorical motor running. This is going to be a dark season, one where loyalties crumble to dust and one where violence probably reigns supreme.

At the center of the teaser is the idea of loyalty, something that once was a big part of the series but something that has since started to fall apart. Think in terms of the bond that Ghost and Tommy once had — it was something that previously felt like a brotherhood. These were two guys who at one point would do anything that they could for each other. That may be changing after Tommy shot Angela. There was a point where Kanan was close to the two of them, as well, and we already know how that story came to a close.

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Is there room for surprises within this final season? Sure, mostly because what happens to Angela is going to be a key component to it. Her survival correlates to how Ghost feels, and also how Ghost is going to react to Tommy. There are also so many other characters who are, at this point, fully a part of the Power fabric.

No matter what direction you look or what character you focus on, the primary question that you have to wonder here is simply this: How did you imagine this story was going to close? Did you think that this was going to go anywhere other than the direction of chaos? We’re going to be curious to learn who is left standing when the dust settles, and what the ultimate message of power is. There is that famous quote from Lord Acton: “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” That could apply here, and the finale could end with Ghost’s death. Yet, we also don’t think that Ghost needs to die for any Power viewers out there to realize that this is a guy who’s done some morally questionable things ever since the start of the series. At this point, that should be more than apparent to anyone. This isn’t a morality play; it’s instead just about characters moving around in a world where the good guys don’t often win.

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