Vikings season 6 premiere date: When could it be announced?

Vikings season 6 renewalIf you find yourself interested in Vikings season 6, we know that you’re FAR from alone. From the moment that season 5 formally ended, that’s when interest parked immediately in what is going to be the final book in this long-running History series. It’s one that feels like it’s been even longer than six seasons, thanks mostly to the network’s airing structure. They’re basically giving you a half-season a year at this point, and that’s why we’re probably getting the first half of season 6 later this year and the second half in 2020 … at least unless they suddenly change things up.

Let’s get now to the question at the heart of this article, though, since we know how many people out there are eager for answers on just one simple question: When are more season 6 details going to be released, most notably the premiere date? The post-production people have clearly had enough time to get these episodes pieced and edited together, so it really feels like we’re at the mercy of History.

Here’s both your good news and your bad news. Let’s start with the good — if the past pattern holds, we imagine that some more details will be announced in mid-to-late July. The show’s used the San Diego Comic-Con period as the perfect time to unveil some further details on what’s coming and we imagine that this is going to be the case once more here. If History wants to launch the new season in late November (that’s the likely bad news), there’s no real reason for them to make an announcement before then — technically, there’s no real urgency to make an announcement there, either, given that most people tend to wait until a couple of months before the premiere to start to announce details on upcoming seasons.

As for what we expect to see in Vikings season 6, war is going to be a big part of it. So is control. The show’s done a good job of keeping most of the key players involved in the story, though we foresee that everyone alive now won’t be alive by the time we get to the end of the series. This is, unfortunately, where we remind you that this is the final season of the show. We know that there’s a potential follow-up series in development, and what we could potentially see here is History wrap up Vikings in late 2020/early 2021 and then launch the new show in late 2021. One of the few benefits to History spending so much time making some of these episodes is that it gives them time to craft a new show! That way, there’s no real waiting between the end of one product and the start of something new.

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