Claws season 3 episode 3 promo: ‘Buttons are for gluttons’

ClawsReady for Claws season 3 episode 3? This is an episode that may offer up some answers to the current mystery at the casino — or, if nothing else, show us a tremendously good time.

For some more on that, just take a look at the promo below! In “Welcome to the Pleasuredome,” we’re going to have a fantastic chance to bear witness to some more Palmetto ridiculousness, mostly told through the lens of Desna as she and the other women attend some sort of fancy event at the Governor’s Mansion. As for why the Governor suddenly matters to this story, especially when Desna and company have operated on a relatively-local basis, it seems as though they’re involved in some sort of operation with Mac and Melba. It’s enough to make some of the ladies adopt some secret-agent/masquerade personas in order to get to the bottom of things and try to properly determine just what is going on here. If love ridiculous scenarios mixed with incredible entertainment, this hour could provide some of that.

In this midst of the Governor part of this story, though, we also hope that the show does not forget about some of what’s going on with the casino itself. While running the nail salon may be old hat to some of the ladies at this point, there’s a new sense of excitement that comes from seeing them surrounded by high rollers. This is a world that they don’t know anywhere near as much, and it is a world that still holds a certain degree of mystery for them. That’s not something that they’re going to be able to find in any other business establishment they’re attached to right now. Also, there’s just a chance for a lot of fun hijinks — think in terms of Quiet Ann catching someone counting cards.

So what else could be coming up in this episode? Maybe this is going to give us a good chance to see how Virginia handles managing more of the nail salon or seeing whether or not Jenn is able to get a handle on what is turning out to be an increasingly frustrating personal crisis. She wants nothing more than to just have a stable family, but something is routinely finding a way to wreck that for her. We don’t know if we see the dust clearing for a little while, given that we are so early in the season and that tends to be more the start of chaos than the conclusion.

In case you’re wondering, the title for this article is a line within the promo — one that is even more ridiculous in context.

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