Outlander season 5: Three fun story ideas to explore for Jamie, Claire

OutlanderIf you watch Outlander, we understand that Jamie and Claire Fraser are two of the most appealing reasons why. These two are at the forefront of the story and their relationship really inspires everything. Without them, there would be no storyline for Bree and Roger, no furthering of the action, or no real central story to bind anything together. They’re the glue of the narrative but also the central hub for most of the show’s passion. We love that there are so many great characters now in the ensemble, but we know that Jamie and Claire are still a focal point in almost every thread. That’s even more obvious entering season 5, where much of the central story may be about a decision that the two need to make — support Murtagh and be in danger, or support the British Government and sacrifice their own friend.

We don’t want to spend too much time focusing solely on the Regulator movement within this feature, as there’s been a lot of story out there already about how the two of them could be very much involved in what’s ahead. Instead, what we want to focus on here are three exciting, separate story ideas that would give us opportunities to see new aspects of the Jamie – Claire relationship. There are no spoilers ahead from The Fiery Cross, so rest assured this piece is okay if you want to be (potentially) unspoiled on season 5.

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A vow renewal – We’re actually somewhat surprised that the show hasn’t tried to do a little more with. Think about the first wedding, and where Jamie and Claire were in their relationship then as opposed to where they are now. This would just sever as a wonderful celebration of their marriage and what they’ve persevered through. We suppose that the only reason we haven’t seen it is that clearly, Jamie and Claire have a lot of other things on their mind. If this ceremony does ever happen, we’d presume that it would be small and intimate — there’s not a lot of room right now for anything more grandiose.

Delegation at Fraser’s Ridge – We know entering season 5 that this place is going to become a little more of a community, and knowing the way that Jamie and Claire operate, we would imagine that they would work together in order to determine the right things to do for the future of their homestead. We like to think of them almost as a two-person government, one where they go back and forth on various decisions. Some of the best Jamie/Claire moments are when there is a lively debate between the two, and we certainly are welcoming and embracing that very thing here.

Surgeon Claire – We’d love to see some more moments indicative of what we’ve seen of the two in the past out in the field. Jamie may not be a doctor, but he’s good at being in the moment and following instructions. Getting to see the two together here and there during Claire’s medical practice could prove to be a great showcase of their relationship — sometimes when you have to make decisions in the blink of an eye, ones that are life and death, it’s good to be there with someone who can metaphorically finish your sentences. They’ll have resolutions ready for any issue you raise.

We’ll see what sort of great material the writers have cooked up for Jamie and Claire when Outlander season 5 premieres, more than likely in 2020.

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