Lucifer season 5: What’s the best overall ending for Lucifer, Chloe?

LuciferAs we get closer to Lucifer season 5 kicking off later this summer (at least in terms of filming), there are a bevy of great story possibilities. That includes the primary subject of this article, and that’s a simple one of endgame. What’s the best way to tie up the story for Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker?

Romantically, it’s clear that the two characters are drawing ever closer to each other, and it’s hard to imagine the show going in another direction at this point. Chloe’s now recognized and realized that her love for him goes beyond labels or preconceived notions of who the Devil is and what the Devil can be. She wants to be there for him but, certainly, it’s challenging when he’s in Hell. (We’ve already got a piece together for how long that twist will last, given that season 5 is set to be the final one.)

So where do you want to end this story off? We suppose that there’s a case made for the show to not be altogether different in its ending from where it was early on. Maybe Lucifer finds a way to get back to Los Angeles, and there’s nothing that he enjoys more than just continuing to operate alongside the Detective to solve various crimes. That seems to be peak Deckerstar in a lot of ways, as the two collaborate to take down bad guys. Are there other ways that the two could do it? Sure, but it’s hard to do anything when it comes to extracting Chloe and Lucifer from this world. This is where you’ve got members of their metaphorical family in Ella and Linda, and it’s hard to imagine the writers wanting to do all that much in order to cut characters off from each other. The one difference? The two are fully solving crimes as a couple, one that feels every bit as human as any other on Earth.

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Is there something a little bit grander that could come at the end of the series? Sure. Maybe the finale is based very little on romance and more on the characters’ mere survival. Think in terms of the final boss phenomenon. With every season you want to raise the stakes, and this is the opportunity to shoot some of those stakes straight through the roof. This is where you can put everyone in so much more peril than ever and make Lucifer and Chloe both think that they could lose everything. We obviously don’t want that to happen, but sometimes on a show like this, it benefits you greatly to make characters as concerned as humanly possible over their future.

There’s one other, super-romantic idea where you try to end the series with a Deckerstar wedding or some other great romantic event. Whatever the writers choose to set up here (if they’re planning to end the show with any sort of big, sweeping gesture), they’ll have to move fairly quickly. Since we do only have ten episodes, they’re going to need to make some big leaps in order to get us from point A to point B in the perfect amount of time.

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