NCIS: Los Angeles season 11: Could there be another wedding?

NCIS: Los AngelesMrs. Carter: Only a few months removed from an NCIS: Los Angeles wedding, is it really too early to talk about the prospect of another one?

I should start off here with a reminder — weddings aren’t necessarily the sort of thing that are a given for a show like this. As a matter of fact, it’s hard to ever really bank on them. This is a show that revolves mostly around just watching the good guys topple the bad guys, and also the people responsible for wearing those badges. The producers have made an effort to ensure that there is more to these people than just action sequences and love interests. There is nuance, and a lot of stuff in between the extremes.

Yet, there is still a case to be made for love to bloom and for there to be more weddings — just probably not the same sort of wedding that we all witnessed with Kensi and Deeks. It’s hard to imagine the producers wanting to repeat themselves so soon after watching those two say their vows. There are, at in my mind, three different possible weddings that NCIS: Los Angeles could eventually bring to viewers — they may not happen during season 11, but they’re certainly worth thinking about.

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Nell and Eric – They’re the most likely contenders, mostly because they’re characters who seem as though they’re already married in the first place. They have a wonderful rapport, they clearly love each other, and they’re there for each other during tough times. Given how fun and quirky they’re set up to be, it wouldn’t be a big shock if they just decided one episode that they wanted to get married and they’re tying the knot a few episodes later. An elopement doesn’t necessarily seem like their style, but I don’t think they’d want to hold off on a ceremony if they decide to go down this road. (Obviously, the hope is that the two characters stick around for season 11.)

Callen and Anna – There are some huge roadblocks at the moment that might keep this romance from blooming. For starters, Anna’s not even in America at the moment! She didn’t come back after what she went through in season 10 and that leads to questions as to whether or not we as viewers ever seen her again. Personally, I think that Anna will be back and there’s still a future for her and Callen — the writers are just intent on making this story as action-packed and dramatic as possible. Here’s where a surprise elopement could happen, given that Callen never does anything in the most conventional of ways. This still feels more like a season 12 story than anything worth seeing in the near future.

Sam and … Nicole DeChamps? – Yea, it’s far too early to be thinking about marriage, just because it’s still to be determined how much is really there for these two. This feels more like a relationship that may never quite lead to marriage, just because it’s hard to know if that’s something that Sam would want to do and these two need to have some conversations on that subject.

In conclusion

Nell and Eric clearly are the couple from NCIS: Los Angeles most likely to be married in season 11 — but if that happens, it’s likely to be the polar opposite of all things Densi. Otherwise, it’s unlikely that the producers rush into another wedding so soon after just handing us a beautiful one.

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