Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Surprise leak; HoH reveal

Big Brother 21Who expected a Big Brother 21 live feed leak already? Rest assured that we’re as surprised as anyone, but now it seems as though we know the first  Head of Household. Obviously, there are some spoilers that are coming up, so keep that in mind as we move forward here.

The first normal Head of Household of the season is Christie! We say “normal” here because it seems like something may have happened the first few days where Jackson may have done something to a few other players to go back on his word — it may be something as simple as just naming Have-Nots or it could be a little bit more severe than that. Analyse and Kemi were the only two not mentioned on the feeds, so that means that if someone was evicted in the early going this season, it’s likely one of them.

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So who is Christie planning on actually nominating? It seems like she wants to put up a man and a woman, and it seems like Kathryn and then Cliff could be her choices. She feels like Cliff will likely stay, but we worry about pawning anyone this early in the game. Isn’t that a little bit of a risk? You’re going to get yourself in trouble if that person leaves. We’re also just bummed about the idea because we know that Cliff’s a big fan of the show and it’d stink royally to see someone like him leave the game early, especially since so many older houseguests have been previously evicted in that same spot. Quit putting up the oldest houseguest first!

For some other tidbits, it does seem like Kathryn and Jackson have something going on (it may be too early to call it a full-on showmance, but it’s at least a flirtmance), while Christie is clearly fairly close to Ovi and Nicole given that she was talking with the two of them about nominations. It’s kind of fun to see an alliance of offbeat people so early on in the game.

If we’re Christie, the best thing to do is just get rid of someone you consider to be an easy target and not try to make too many other waves. Make your move, build some alliances, and then fall right back into the background. Winning the first proper Head of Household can be a really beneficial thing to your game, but you need to be careful with how you play it; otherwise, you become an easy person to throw out the following week.

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